Norman Walsh, British Made Footwear

Norman Walsh footwear made in the UK

Headquartered near Manchester in Bolton, Lancashire, Norman Walsh's story begins in 1945 when a 14-year-old teenager left school to begin a shoe making apprenticeship at J.W. Foster and Sons, which would later become Reebok. Three years later, Norman Walsh was chosen to make many of the shoes worn by the British Olympic team for the 1948 Olympics that took place in London. The company was officially established in 1961 and has been supplying athletes from many disciplines  such rugby, track and field, cricket, boxing or even wrestling with top notch footwear ever since.

Now owned by the Crompton family since 1996, the company saw its popularity soar and now has retailers in far-flung corners of the earth such as Korea, Russia or Chile. Norman Walsh is the only 100% British owned and operated company still in activity.

Teaming up with Marks and Spencer, the company even created a range for their Best of British collection launching in October.

The video below offers a great insight in the manufacturing process (you should definitely lower the volume though).

Norman Walsh footwear made in the UK

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