Massalia, French-made leather sandals

Massalia French made leather sandals

Hello, blogging world. I'm back from my 4-month long laziness induced hiatus.

In order to properly celebrate this comeback, I thought it would be fitting to focus on a French brand (as I'm French) and more specifically, from my region (Provence).

Massalia is a brand new label that produces well designed and easy to wear leather sandals. Their products are made out of vegetable-tanned leather, which means that the whole tanning process is respectful of the environment and took almost two years to achieve. I still don't understand why we do not make this process mandatory for all the leather goods produced and imported in France and Europe.

Apparently, I'm not the only one swooning over those beauties!  Massalia is a year old and already has retailers in Japan (full list here).

Below my selection of favorite designs. There are not many for now, but I'm sure the range will get wider as the brand grows. I'll make sure to try on a pair (and maybe buy one!) as soon as I go home to visit my family.

The shoes retail for under 100€ which is very reasonable in my opinion, especially when you think about the mass produced alternatives flooding the market (think Zara).

Massalia French made leather sandals






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