Introducing: Tracksmith, US-made sports apparel


Let me make one thing clear, I do not exercise. I only run for my life and that seldom happens. However, I'm admirative of all the people who wake up at ungodly hours and brave the elements to get their rush of endorphins. There's just one thing I don't understand: why do they need to do so in the least appealing, worst fitting clothing? 

Those times are over thanks to Tracksmith, a young New England-based performance apparel company. They use the best materials available such as fabrics from the Schoeller mill in Switzerland and Steele canvas fabric for their bags, while their products are being manufactured in Massachusetts-based factories (Falls River and Bedford to be more specific). Tracksmith blends high-performance clothing with a preppy, Ivy League look, indeed, their lookbook looks like a Dartmouth track team photo from the 1960s. More good news, women running gear will hit the digital shelves this spring.

Icing on the cake, Tracksmith relies on a direct to consumer business model which means no middlemen, which in turn means lower prices. You can also find an in-depth review from an actual runner here.


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