Introducing: Parapluie Paris, French made umbrellas

If you're anything like me, you probably wasted a pretty hefty amount of money on umbrellas. Fabric tearing, shaft bending, stretchers breaking. I probably threw away a dozen of them and I don't even come from a particularly rainy region. 

After the last one broke, I started thinking there had to be a better alternative. Better made, better looking, sturdier and not made in China.

Enters le Parapluie Paris a young brand of umbrellas. Their products are made in a French factory active since World War II and are of the highest quality. Prices are aslo pretty high, but not higher than the sum of what you probably wasted so far.

Side note: forget about this option if you tend to be absentminded, better lose one crappy Chinese made umbrella than its luxurious French made counterpart.

le-frenchie le-mini-frenchie

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