Introducing: Oxford Pennant, US made pennants

Oxford Pennant was founded in 2013 by Brett Mikoll and Dave Horesh as a way to celebrate old school American sports traditions. Their pennants are made in the USA (Buffalo, NY to be more specific) and the company only uses natural materials such as wool or cotton.

Let me dispel any misunderstanding. I don't care about American football, hockey, baseball and, well, sports, in general, but I do appreciate a bit of classic, old school, sports-related Americana in my life. Now I present you with a cheap, effective and US-made way to primp your man (or woman) cave with a bit of hometown pride. 

Most of Oxford Pennant's designs refer to sport proud cities such as Pittsburgh or Buffalo, but some sport more tongue-in-cheek designs (such as the Kanye one).

Examples of available designs below.

Boston Pennant - Crimson and White

Chicago City Flag Pennant - White and Blue/Red

Classic Pittsburgh Pennant - Black and Yellow

Liberty or Death Pennant


And last but not least.

Kanye Pennant

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