Introducing: Orée, French made technology products

oree design

Starting point: tech products tend to look very much alike, are made from cheap eco-unfriendly materials and are designed to end up in the garbage can quickly. Even though products like keyboards or USB keys are essential in how interact with technology, they are often overlooked.

That's where Orée comes into play. 

Founded by creative technology entrepreneur Julien Salanave and award-winning product designer Frank Fontana, Orée is a French brand born out of the desire to provide elegant, durable high performance technology products mainly crafted from natural materials, combining timeless craftsmanship techniques and cutting-edge technologies.

All their products are designed and crafted to order in Castelnaudary, southern France.

Side note: Orée stands for Original, Rational, Elegant, Engaged.

oree SONY DSC oree3

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