Introducing: Norman Porter Jeans, Philly made denim

norman porter jeans

Norman Porter is a denim and leather goods brand based out of Fishtown, a Northern Philadephia neighborhood and founded by two brothers and one of their friends. Read an interview of one the founders here.

At the turn of the 20th century, Philly was one of the world's textile capitals, fast forward to the 21st and this is a long gone memory (read more here). If you tried to dress yourself exclusively in Philadelphia made clothing and accessories, you would probably go around half naked.

Half, because Norman Porter's got your butt…err, your back.

Featuring North Carolina-made Cone Mills denim and Japanese selvedge denim, a classic, straight cut, no scratches, no bleaching, no weird stitching, their jeans nail the super clean aesthetics. Also, they age beautifully (see an example below).

Their products are currently available in five stores as well as their e-shop.

Would pair well with your Eagles jersey, if only NFL jerseys weren't made in South East Asia.

Norman Porter jeans

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