Introducing: the New Amity Workshop, US made swings

the new amity workshop hex tree swing

The New Amity Workshop manufactures only one product (for now), but it's a very cool-looking one.

The hexagonally shaped swing is made out of sustainably sourced Black Locust wood, one of the most durable hardwoods in the United States. Thanks to its rot-resistant properties and natural strength, Black Locust wood does not require treatment, which makes it the perfect outdoor accessory. It was even used to build ship masts. The rope is made out of manila hemp (which is not really hemp but whatever) and has a lightness, strength and durability that is hardly matched by any other natural fiber. These ropes were popular with sailors because they are flexible and not easily disintegrable by seawater.

Think of this article as a super early idea for next summer. There's no such thing as over planning, right?



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