Introducing: Maurice Manufacture, French made shoes

Maurice Manufacture

Maurice Manufacture is a 65 year old shoe manufacturer based in Cholet, France. The factory manager describes their products as traditional, but with a "newstalgic" singularity. I love this word. Let's make it a goal to get it into the dictionary.

Now back to the shoes. Made from the finest materials by skilled craftsmen, you're getting a luxury product, at a fraction of the cost. Maurice also makes shoes for high end companies but also… for the police!

Prices range from about 130€ for sandals to 250€ for boots, which is not cheap, but similar to a lot of Far East made options.

Below, the tamest color combinations, but if you're feeling bold, they have dozens of different options. The shoes are made to order which is why there's a 8 to 10 days delivery time. But hey, you're not ordering Wendy's here.

maurice manufacture maurice manufacture maurice manufacture maurice manufacture

A little extra here, a pair inspired by the Pink Panther (yes, from the cartoon).

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