Introducing: Maison Causse, French glove making company

causse gantier gloves

Founded in 1892 by three brothers, Maison Causse is the oldest glove making company in France. Located in Millau, a center for glove making known throughout the world (Maison Fabre and Lavabre Cadet are also located there with Causse being the oldest), the company employs 40 people and produces 25,000 pairs of men, women and driving gloves per year. Now, the fourth generation of Causse is managing the company, even though it was bought by Chanel in 2012 as a way to preserve crafts and techniques that would be on the verge of disappearing were it not for a powerful financial backing.

Maison Causse is also committed to preserving its savoir faire. Indeed, their factory boasts a glove making school so, if you're thinking about quitting your dead-end job for something more meaningful, well, there you go and Bienvenue en France. 

Talking about driving gloves, if I ever get a driving licence, I think I'll get driving gloves before I even get a car. Yes, I know, my priorities are in perfect order.

It's not the first time I mention those gloves, they were featured in my "Gearing up for winter" post and you can find below some of their creations.


causse gantier gloves causse gantier gloves

Average price: 250€

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