Introducing: Lotuff, New England made leather goods

lotuff bags

Lotuff is a small, Rhode Island-based leather goods brand that offers a pretty impressive range of leather accessories. Made by hand in their New England workshop, they only use the finest vegetable leathers (the rarest type) as well as a seldom paralelled attention to details. Unlike what you may think when you first land on Lotuff's website, this is a pretty young brand and not an older one that just reemerged, like Chief Trunk did. Lotuff was founded in 2009 by two brothers who were deeply inspired by their father's and grandfather's commitment to quality as the heads of US based manufacturing companies.

 Their products are unbranded (but they can be embossed) and that's a big plus for me as I hate feeling like I'm a walking billboard. I've been carrying around an old Coach bag (pre logo craze) made out of the thickest leather I've ever seen and I paid $20 for it in a thrift store. If I ever feel like replacing it, I'll go for a Lotuff or something similar (like this Pickett bag).

The bags below look like something I could take on an adventure (good thing these beauties are guaranteed for life).

Pretty cool video below of the making of a bag, from leather hide to finished product.

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