Introducing: Jieldé, French lamp manufacturer

Some people call that industrial chic, I call that well-made products with a purpose and a clean design. Jieldé's story (from J.L.D., the initials of founder Jean-Louis Domecq) starts in the 1940s when Domecq realized he couldn't find lighting adapted to its mechanical workshop so he decided to build something himself. After a lengthy trial and error process, he launched his first model in the fifties called the "Standard" which was renamed "Loft" in 1987. The most important innovation was that the lamp could bend and turn without affecting the wiring because there are no wires going through the joints. Electrical continuity is ensured thanks to copper connectors in each one of the joints: simplicity and robustness at their finest. Today, the company offers several dozens products in different lengths and colors as Jieldé's lamps went from having a solely utilitarian purpose to becoming staples of high-end home decor magazines.Each lamp has a unique serial number and is still handmade in Lyon..

Jieldé lamps are available at retailers around the globes (full list here), the products below are available on Horne.


Loft jieldé asteri

Loft Table/Wall Light - D4401R Jieldé

Loft Zig-Zag Floor Lamp - 4-ARM D9404 Jieldé


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