Introducing: Industry Standard NY, US made jeans

industry standard

Industry Standard NY is a new denim brand founded by Nicole Najafi. A bridge between the east and the west coasts, based in NYC and made in LA, the brand's vision is to offer the perfect pair of jeans without breaking the bank. How do they achieve that? Thanks to their direct to customer model, which allows them to cut down the final price of their products. 

I have to say, I'm a denim snob. Thrift shopping is one of my favorite pastimes and I have several brand new looking, US made J Brand jeans that I paid a maximum of $15. So when a new denim brand comes around, I'm always eager to learn more about it.

Industry Standard NY jeans come in three different models (Margot, Odette and Simone, how very retro) and the price point is accessible at about $100 (after all, some Gap jeans can cost as much as $80, for a much lower quality).

Bonus point: made alongside the greatest LA made denim brands, Industry Stantard uses fabrics from the Cone Denim Mill, which is the oldest, still-running denim mill in the USA, located in Greensboro, NC.

industry standard industry standard industry standard


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