Introducing: Hardwick Clothes, Tennessee made menswear

Hardwick clothes

Hardwick Clothes (originally known as Cleveland Woolen Mills) was founded in the late 19th century and is still located and operated in the South (Cleveland, Tennessee to be more specific). The company is the oldest maker of tailored clothing in America and its mission is to provide their male customers with high-quality American-made clothing.

Mission accomplished since 1880.

The company was owned by the Harwick family until June of this year, when businessman Allan Jones acquired it, on the verge of bankruptcy. He said about Harwick's, "the company has survived two major fires, two World Wars, the Great Depression, leisure suits, NAFTA and – worst of all – making us watch China manufacture our Olympic team’s blazers.” 

The company employs about 240 employees.

More information about their history here.


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