Introducing: Du Travail Traditionnel, French-made sneakers

Du Travail Traditionnel footwear

I know  for a fact that a lot of you won't ever ditch your pair of Stan Smith or Converse. But for those of you out there seeking an alternative that's not found on everyone's feet or made by South East Asian kids earning in a month what you earn in a few hours, I present you with Du Travail Traditionnel (DUTT, which means "Some traditional work" in French). 

These beauties are handmade in France by adults (how rare is that) and feature natural rubber soles and Calfskin leather. Production has been centralized in the Dordogne region (western France) and the vast majority of the components Du Travail Traditionnel uses are sourced from France (including the boxes!). The brand was founded about 3 years ago by a then 24-year-old entrepreneur, Morgan, whose goal was to maintain traditional French savoir-faire (know-how). Mission accomplished, as dozens of thousands of pairs come out of French shoemaking factories every year thanks to his perseverance and business flair.

Keep up the good work!

The price point is very reasonable, around 120€ for a pair, which is lower than the latest Nikes or Adidas retail for and are currently only offered for men (except if you're a woman with big feet like me, in which case there's hope). 

Du Travail Traditionnel footwear

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