Introducing: Delicate Run, made in France luxury sneakers

delicate run

Think about the 80s. Nothing classy, huh?

Well, dear reader, think again.

Delicate Run is a French brand of sneakers founded by sneakerhead Vincent Vetois. The brand currently offers only one model, the Manta, which was launched in partnership with Melbourne-based store Up There. Solely using high quality materials and rare exotic skins such as python, lizard, stingray or even shark (the most prevalent ones being French calf and goat leathers), the entire production takes place in France and the aesthetics of the brand can only be described as "80s running shoes meet contemporary luxury footwear", which is appropriate as the brand's mission is to offer a luxury reinterpretation of the classic running shape.Their goal is not to foray into performance running shoes, but to focus on bringing to the market high-end, long-lasting luxury sneakers with a great shape.

A successful bet that was.

Watch below a pretty interesting video about the manufacturing process of the Delicate Run Manta.

Price vary between 192€ and 420€ and each pair comes with a wooden box.



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