Introducing: Chippewa Boots, US made footwear

chippewa boots

Chippewa Boots, originally known as Chippewa Shoe Manufacturing Company was founded in 1901 in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin as a manufacturer of work, snow and rain footwear.

Their boots represent a perfect alternative to Chinese made Timberland boots, which came under fire from Greenpeace activists for potentially supporting slave labor, destroying Amazon rain forest and exacerbating global warming. Yes, apparently all of that simultaneously. (Read the Harvard Business Review article here)

The boots feature a full-grain leather upper, Drill Vamp lining made from a material designed to help, waxed cotton laces and Vibram soles. Some of their models also feature steel toes for those of you who actually perform some physical work.​

Price range: $120 to $350

Pairs well with the American Trench previously presented on Un Beau Travail.

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