Introducing: Chief Trunk, American made luxury travel goods

chief trunk

Chief Trunk is a NYC based luxury luggage company. What makes it special, beside its well proportioned design, Brooklyn based manufacturing and high quality materials, is its history.

Indeed, Chief Trunk is the revival of a much older manufacturer, the Oshkosh Trunk Company, launched in 1898. It quickly grew into a world renowned travel goods manufacturer, found at retailers like Neiman Marcus and with a flagship store in Paris. But as travelling habits changed, Oshkosh failed to adapt and had to close shop in the early 60's.

Another distinctive feature is its crimson and gold stripes which could be spotted all over the globe, from ocean-crossing steamers to the lobbies of the world's finest hotels. Those stripes echoes the Spanish flag for a reason,  they used to be on the diplomatic pouches in the use during the 19th century by Spanish embassies in the Americas. After Spain lost its remaining territories in the US, the canvas producing mill got stuck with excess stock of red and yellow striped canvas. Oshkosh bought the canvas and used it as a base to be painted, until a buyer spotted a few unpainted ones. This is how the Oshkosh Trunk Company, and later Chief Trunk gained their unmistakable look.

chief trunk chief trunk chief trunk chief trunk

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