Introducing: Bills Khakis, American made menswear

Bill Khakis

After Tennessee, New Jersey and Massachusetts, let's explore the best Pennsylvania has to offer.

I did not have to look for long until I stumbled upon Bills Khakis (among many other interesting things).

The story behind the brand is pretty inspiring. The company founder, Bill Thomas found a pair of WWII khakis in a military surplus store that made any modern day equivalent pale in comparison. In 1990 he decided to quit his advertising job in Chicago and move back to his hometown of Reading, PA, to start a clothing company.With only a few thousand dollars and a slew of part time jobs (what we, wannabe entrepreneurs call "bridge jobs"), he started Bill Khakis. 

Which now boast 32 employees and 500 retailers.

Located in the heart of Reading, Bills Khakis is a prime example of how of a 21st century business can compete in a city built on 20th century economy. 

Head over to their website and you'll be delighted with the wide range of cuts and fabrics to choose from. From twill to poplin, linen to cashmere, you're bound to find something that will suit your tastes.

They also expanded their offering by selling coats, knitwear, jeans, shirt and accessories.

The products shown below are currently on sale (pants: $87.50, cardigan: $205, shirt: $87.50)

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