Introducing: American Giant, US-made sweatshirts and tees

american giant sweatshirt

After a long, arduous quest I finally found my style Holy Grail (hyperbole, much?). Anyways, it's classic, affordable and Made in the USA!

Dear reader, I present you with, American Giant's Men's Baseball Jacket.

It's made of 100% cotton, heavyweight fleece, reinforced stitching for extra strength and its interior is brushed for added loft and softness. It's made in California and North Carolina-based factories out of American cotton and retails for $89. Yes, eighty-nine dollars.

The women's version exists but I find it to be too closely fitted for my taste.


San Francisco-based American Giant was founded in early 2012 by Bayard Winthrop and sells a line of basic apparel, for men and women, ranging from tees to sweatshirts to sweatpants.

Prices are kept low (compared to competitors) by having a direct to consumers approach (no middlemen, no retail store, online only). This business model seems to be gaining a lot of ground lately as it allows entrepreneurs to offer better quality products at more accessible prices. AG also relies on word of mouth and media coverage to reach potential customers instead of a bloated marketing budget.

A Slate article even called one of their product "the greatest hoodie of all times", which caused AG's inventory to be wiped clean in 36 hours.The company's CEO called this article the best thing that happened to its company which shows how important it is to reach potential customers through the proper channels (a Slate article rather than a billboard on I-95).


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