Interviewing: Anna & Laura, from SANDER VON RHEIN

Sander von rhein

Sander von rhein

Laura Keil and Anna Bermes of Sander von Rhein

The setting was your typical Parisian café and the time was well into the afternoon, but not late enough to escape the smoldering heat that fell over the city. I was right on time for our meeting (I live next door), but my guests were early.

Laura Keil and Anna Bermes are German, in their late twenties and are the founders of uber-cool leather goods brand, SANDER VON RHEIN. I can also confirm Germans did not steal their reputation in punctuality. They were gracious enough to give me an hour of their time, out of their busy schedule as we sat down at Marcel et Clémentine, a very cute café in my neighborhood.

Sander Von Rhein

02 Caro in Ruby

Originally from the opposite sides of Germany (Eastern and Western Germany), Laura and Anna met in college while studying fashion and then went on to work for Escada and Karl Lagerfeld, respectively. After failing to find a durable, good looking laptop bag, they decided to make one, which is usually how good ideas and businesses are born. By identifying a gap and filling it, which they are doing brilliantly.

Laptop bags are usually cheap, ugly looking and regular bags are not fit to carry your pricey laptop. Sander Von Rhein helps you solve this conendrum by offering durable, timeless, luxurious laptop bags and backpacks that will fit your needs. Anna and Laura understand balance and how it translates in their creations: luxurious yet understated, sturdy yet refined.

Think Samsonite meets Hermés.

Sander Von Rhein

04 Pixie in denim

They've been working on their brainchild for a full year now, quit their jobs and are now dedicated full time to the business. Relatives coworkers, and friends being equally supportive of their endeavour, they set their sight on Paris and are looking to move here for the foreseeable future. 

Now back to their wares. Everything is made in Portugal, which is renowned for the quality of its leatherwork, with Italian and portugueuse leather. The craftsmanship behind their collections reminds me of Lotuff, which I talked about in an old article.

You can find them on their online store and at popup stores throughout Europe such as Kodd Korner and MUDAM in Luxemburg (this weekend!)



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