American Made Menswear Under $100

American made finds under $100

American Made Finds under $100

A selection of the best American made menswear finds under $100:

Lyonstate Chambray Button Down Shirt – $91 – Made in New England

Archival Clothing Navy Waxed Field Bag – $89 – Made in Oregon

Wassookeag Moccasins – $115  (yes, above $100, I know) – Made in Maine

Filson Initial Cap – $54 – Made in USA

Lyonstate Sanded Canvas Short – $45 – Made in New York

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Introducing: S.E.H Kelly, British-made menswear

S.E.H Kelly

S.E.H Kelly is a London- based menswear brand founded in 2009 by Paul Vincent and Sara Kelly which ethos is to make everything in the British Isles and apply Savile row clothes making standards to casual wear. They honor trusted materials such as Shetland wool, Harris tweed or Irish linen, but the most interesting part is their approach to garment making. S.E.H Kelly is more than just a brand, it's a network of suppliers and craftsmen, mills and factories committed to perpetuating traditional British clothes making. Their designs are extremely simple, stripped from anything remotely superfluous.

In spite of its vintage (some might say old) look, the founders vision is to create workwear for today, not the 19th century. Prices are steep, but I could definitely see their clothes being worn for decades, unlike disposable, fast fashion. Their care and painstaking attention to detail are what made them so popular in far-flung places such as Japan (their biggest market).
Please go to their website and read more about the makers, it's well worth the time.

I know it's supposed to be menswear, but it looks a hell of a lot like my ideal wardrobe. 

S.E.H Kelly S.E.H Kelly

Below is a great interview of S.E.H Kelly co-founder, Paul Vincent.

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Introducing: Tracksmith, US-made sports apparel


Let me make one thing clear, I do not exercise. I only run for my life and that seldom happens. However, I'm admirative of all the people who wake up at ungodly hours and brave the elements to get their rush of endorphins. There's just one thing I don't understand: why do they need to do so in the least appealing, worst fitting clothing? 

Those times are over thanks to Tracksmith, a young New England-based performance apparel company. They use the best materials available such as fabrics from the Schoeller mill in Switzerland and Steele canvas fabric for their bags, while their products are being manufactured in Massachusetts-based factories (Falls River and Bedford to be more specific). Tracksmith blends high-performance clothing with a preppy, Ivy League look, indeed, their lookbook looks like a Dartmouth track team photo from the 1960s. More good news, women running gear will hit the digital shelves this spring.

Icing on the cake, Tracksmith relies on a direct to consumer business model which means no middlemen, which in turn means lower prices. You can also find an in-depth review from an actual runner here.


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Introducing: Du Travail Traditionnel, French-made sneakers

Du Travail Traditionnel footwear

I know  for a fact that a lot of you won't ever ditch your pair of Stan Smith or Converse. But for those of you out there seeking an alternative that's not found on everyone's feet or made by South East Asian kids earning in a month what you earn in a few hours, I present you with Du Travail Traditionnel (DUTT, which means "Some traditional work" in French). 

These beauties are handmade in France by adults (how rare is that) and feature natural rubber soles and Calfskin leather. Production has been centralized in the Dordogne region (western France) and the vast majority of the components Du Travail Traditionnel uses are sourced from France (including the boxes!). The brand was founded about 3 years ago by a then 24-year-old entrepreneur, Morgan, whose goal was to maintain traditional French savoir-faire (know-how). Mission accomplished, as dozens of thousands of pairs come out of French shoemaking factories every year thanks to his perseverance and business flair.

Keep up the good work!

The price point is very reasonable, around 120€ for a pair, which is lower than the latest Nikes or Adidas retail for and are currently only offered for men (except if you're a woman with big feet like me, in which case there's hope). 

Du Travail Traditionnel footwear

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Introducing: Grado, Brooklyn made headphones and phonograph cartridges

We've evolved from the victrola to the record, the walkman to the Discman, the iPod to the iPhone, and now the record player is making a comeback, and for good reason.  Nothing quite has that vintage sound like the crisp static from a vinyl record. Nothing quite adds nuances of life and movement to a room like a turning record.  And it is with this that I introduce Brooklyn-based Grado, a family owned manufacturer of record player cartridges (the important part with the needle) using a unique design to ensure high-quality sound with minimal wear and tear to your vinyl records. 


Grado Labs headphones

Founder Joseph Grado began as a watchmaker at Tiffany & Company in the early 1950s.  He was gifted with excellent hearing which borne him interest in the manufacturing of record cartridges, speakers, and turntables.  He began manufacturing in his kitchen, and later he moved into the storefront of his parent's grocery store in Brooklyn. Grado narrowed his focus to cartridges, and for several decades he researched and improved the product resulting in many patents.  The business grew and was passed on to subsequent generations.

In the 1990s, still family owned, John Grado, Joseph's nephew expanded to include handmade headphones, their primary product today.  Everything about their process has quality in mind. Grado prefers treated mahogany as a building material for its natural tonal properties.  Their headphones offer a very broad frequency range to perfectly recreate those low bass and high treble acoustics.  The connectors incorporate expensive rhodium to prevent corrosion.  Critics have repeatedly lauded Grado products for their outstanding tonal quality. 



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Introducing: Lika Mimika, Spanish made footwear

Let me introduce you to Lika Mimika a German-based footwear brand that makes their products in Alicante, southern Spain using environmentally friendly materials and processes during the dyeing and tanning of their leathers and manufacturing of their shoes. I always thought canvas fabric could feel a little too flimsy or light so I love the idea of leather espadrilles which look sturdier and more refined. Icing on the cake: they're unisex so the fellas out there won't feel left out.

My original intent was to talk about furniture and appliances, but I changed my mind. You see, ever since I moved to Paris in late October, the weather has been grey, rainy and overall, gloomy.

Except for today, when the sun finally decided to make a (lasting) appearance in honor of the coming spring. Then I realized I only had three pairs of shoes, none of them befitting this warmer-but-not-yet-hot climate. A pair of high top sneakers, G.H. Bass penny loafers, and a pair of sandals, nothing really trans-seasonal. So thank you Lika Mimika for providing said missing link!

Me gusta mucho.

ELEPHANT  Goat Suede  Espadrilles LIKA MIMIKA



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Introducing: Shinola, Detroit made watches and bikes


Based out of the 30,000 square foot, fifth floor of a former General Motors auto research lab, Shinola has in just a few short years branded themselves as an American made precision and quality manufacturer of watches, bicycles, and leather goods. Following mass layoffs, furloughed auto industry workers were trained by Swiss and Thai watchmakers in the art of horology and for the first time in decades, you can own an American made timepiece.

My friend recently purchased the Runwell which has a classic look. It comes in a wooden box, and it included a hand written note from the watchmaker thanking you for the purchase and keeping motor city employed.  The watch has a sturdy feel with a stainless steel body and a crystal sapphire face to keep scratch free and looking good. 









They diversified their offering to include stationary, pet supplies (such as collars and toys), home goods and even apparel. They don't make most of these products themselves but they are all made in the USA.

Shinola also offers a line of leather goods such as this wonderful duffle bag made out of Horween leather.



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Introducing: Jieldé, French lamp manufacturer

Some people call that industrial chic, I call that well-made products with a purpose and a clean design. Jieldé's story (from J.L.D., the initials of founder Jean-Louis Domecq) starts in the 1940s when Domecq realized he couldn't find lighting adapted to its mechanical workshop so he decided to build something himself. After a lengthy trial and error process, he launched his first model in the fifties called the "Standard" which was renamed "Loft" in 1987. The most important innovation was that the lamp could bend and turn without affecting the wiring because there are no wires going through the joints. Electrical continuity is ensured thanks to copper connectors in each one of the joints: simplicity and robustness at their finest. Today, the company offers several dozens products in different lengths and colors as Jieldé's lamps went from having a solely utilitarian purpose to becoming staples of high-end home decor magazines.Each lamp has a unique serial number and is still handmade in Lyon..

Jieldé lamps are available at retailers around the globes (full list here), the products below are available on Horne.


Loft jieldé asteri

Loft Table/Wall Light - D4401R Jieldé

Loft Zig-Zag Floor Lamp - 4-ARM D9404 Jieldé


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Selection: 8 American-made neckties

Made in USA ties

Made in USA ties

General Knot & Co. 

Made in New England – $88


Peter Field Custom

Made in Chicago – $65

Peter Field Custom Syderstone tie

Beau Ties Ltd

Made in Vermont – $60

Beau Ties Ltd

Glendon Lambert

Made in Brooklyn, NY – $85


Made in Detroit – $45

Cyberoptix Topographical ties


Collared Greens 

Made in New York City – $85

Collared Greens tie

Mountain & Sackett

Made in New York – $62.50

Williams Stripe Blue Mountain and Sackett

High Cotton

Made in North Carolina – $85

High Cotton Ties

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Introducing: Oxford Pennant, US made pennants

Oxford Pennant was founded in 2013 by Brett Mikoll and Dave Horesh as a way to celebrate old school American sports traditions. Their pennants are made in the USA (Buffalo, NY to be more specific) and the company only uses natural materials such as wool or cotton.

Let me dispel any misunderstanding. I don't care about American football, hockey, baseball and, well, sports, in general, but I do appreciate a bit of classic, old school, sports-related Americana in my life. Now I present you with a cheap, effective and US-made way to primp your man (or woman) cave with a bit of hometown pride. 

Most of Oxford Pennant's designs refer to sport proud cities such as Pittsburgh or Buffalo, but some sport more tongue-in-cheek designs (such as the Kanye one).

Examples of available designs below.

Boston Pennant - Crimson and White

Chicago City Flag Pennant - White and Blue/Red

Classic Pittsburgh Pennant - Black and Yellow

Liberty or Death Pennant


And last but not least.

Kanye Pennant

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Introducing: La Botte Gardiane, French boot making company

La Botte Gardiane is a French boot making company located in Villetelle in the Camargue region, a small village between Nîmes, where the word Denim comes from, and Montpellier (and pretty close to where I grew up!). The company has been in activity since 1958 and is a Certified Living Heritage business since 2007 (more info about that here).

"Botte" means boot and "gardiane" comes from the word gardian which is the French equivalent of an American cowboy or an Argentinian gaucho (great video about the history of gardians here).

La Botte Gardiane is the only company in France that's still specialized in "French cowboy" boots. Would you imagine Texas having only one boot maker left? Frightening, I know. Over twenty craftsmen work for the company and their goods are made solely using chrome-free leathers from the Alsace region but also Belgian and Italian ones. There are 60 steps to the making of one pair of boots and the whole process takes 3 hours. The process hasn't been altered for the past 50 years. Being originally designed and created for herdsmen, La Botte Gardiane's products boast a great sturdiness as well as a high degree of comfort.

La Botte Gardiane managed to handle the challenges of a globalized economy after being in a difficult financial position for years. Indeed, half of its turnover is made outside of France, with retailers all over the globe, from Japan to the USA.

Prices begin at 120€ for sandals and 250€ for boots

Here's a video about the boot making process (you can understand most of what's going on even if you don't speak French).




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Introducing: Maison Causse, French glove making company

causse gantier gloves

Founded in 1892 by three brothers, Maison Causse is the oldest glove making company in France. Located in Millau, a center for glove making known throughout the world (Maison Fabre and Lavabre Cadet are also located there with Causse being the oldest), the company employs 40 people and produces 25,000 pairs of men, women and driving gloves per year. Now, the fourth generation of Causse is managing the company, even though it was bought by Chanel in 2012 as a way to preserve crafts and techniques that would be on the verge of disappearing were it not for a powerful financial backing.

Maison Causse is also committed to preserving its savoir faire. Indeed, their factory boasts a glove making school so, if you're thinking about quitting your dead-end job for something more meaningful, well, there you go and Bienvenue en France. 

Talking about driving gloves, if I ever get a driving licence, I think I'll get driving gloves before I even get a car. Yes, I know, my priorities are in perfect order.

It's not the first time I mention those gloves, they were featured in my "Gearing up for winter" post and you can find below some of their creations.


causse gantier gloves causse gantier gloves

Average price: 250€

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Introducing: American Giant, US-made sweatshirts and tees

american giant sweatshirt

After a long, arduous quest I finally found my style Holy Grail (hyperbole, much?). Anyways, it's classic, affordable and Made in the USA!

Dear reader, I present you with, American Giant's Men's Baseball Jacket.

It's made of 100% cotton, heavyweight fleece, reinforced stitching for extra strength and its interior is brushed for added loft and softness. It's made in California and North Carolina-based factories out of American cotton and retails for $89. Yes, eighty-nine dollars.

The women's version exists but I find it to be too closely fitted for my taste.


San Francisco-based American Giant was founded in early 2012 by Bayard Winthrop and sells a line of basic apparel, for men and women, ranging from tees to sweatshirts to sweatpants.

Prices are kept low (compared to competitors) by having a direct to consumers approach (no middlemen, no retail store, online only). This business model seems to be gaining a lot of ground lately as it allows entrepreneurs to offer better quality products at more accessible prices. AG also relies on word of mouth and media coverage to reach potential customers instead of a bloated marketing budget.

A Slate article even called one of their product "the greatest hoodie of all times", which caused AG's inventory to be wiped clean in 36 hours.The company's CEO called this article the best thing that happened to its company which shows how important it is to reach potential customers through the proper channels (a Slate article rather than a billboard on I-95).


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Introducing: Laulhère, French made berets since 1840

laulhère beret

Originally created by shepherds from the Béarn region (hence its name) to protect themselves from the damp, the béret is now a deeply ingrained part of French DNA alongside baguettes and Gauloises cigarettes. 

Located in Oloron-Sainte-Marie, Laulhère was founded in 1840 by Mr. Lucien Laulhère and is now the last standing historic béret maker after the company acquired its almost 200 years old competitor, Blancq-Olibet, in 2013. Let the irony sink in. A quintessentially French headgear is on the verge of disappearing from the French manufacturing landscape when, up until the late 80's, the country churned out millions of bérets a year. Since 2011, the factory was awarded a NATO military contract which helped get the company back to a healthy financial situation (military contracts represent half of the company's turnover).

I've owned a Laulhère béret for a few months now and I've worn it almost every day (I live in Paris, it's cold and wet out here). I love it and I'm happy to contribute, within the scope of my modest means, to the revival of French manufacturing. I paid 20€ for my 100% virgin wool béret which is probably cheaper than a lot of Asian made copies from big brand names.

Lovely video of the manufacturing process below:

 And this pretty cool one from Monocle.


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Introducing: Lotuff, New England made leather goods

lotuff bags

Lotuff is a small, Rhode Island-based leather goods brand that offers a pretty impressive range of leather accessories. Made by hand in their New England workshop, they only use the finest vegetable leathers (the rarest type) as well as a seldom paralelled attention to details. Unlike what you may think when you first land on Lotuff's website, this is a pretty young brand and not an older one that just reemerged, like Chief Trunk did. Lotuff was founded in 2009 by two brothers who were deeply inspired by their father's and grandfather's commitment to quality as the heads of US based manufacturing companies.

 Their products are unbranded (but they can be embossed) and that's a big plus for me as I hate feeling like I'm a walking billboard. I've been carrying around an old Coach bag (pre logo craze) made out of the thickest leather I've ever seen and I paid $20 for it in a thrift store. If I ever feel like replacing it, I'll go for a Lotuff or something similar (like this Pickett bag).

The bags below look like something I could take on an adventure (good thing these beauties are guaranteed for life).

Pretty cool video below of the making of a bag, from leather hide to finished product.

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Introducing: Bills Khakis, American made menswear

Bill Khakis

After Tennessee, New Jersey and Massachusetts, let's explore the best Pennsylvania has to offer.

I did not have to look for long until I stumbled upon Bills Khakis (among many other interesting things).

The story behind the brand is pretty inspiring. The company founder, Bill Thomas found a pair of WWII khakis in a military surplus store that made any modern day equivalent pale in comparison. In 1990 he decided to quit his advertising job in Chicago and move back to his hometown of Reading, PA, to start a clothing company.With only a few thousand dollars and a slew of part time jobs (what we, wannabe entrepreneurs call "bridge jobs"), he started Bill Khakis. 

Which now boast 32 employees and 500 retailers.

Located in the heart of Reading, Bills Khakis is a prime example of how of a 21st century business can compete in a city built on 20th century economy. 

Head over to their website and you'll be delighted with the wide range of cuts and fabrics to choose from. From twill to poplin, linen to cashmere, you're bound to find something that will suit your tastes.

They also expanded their offering by selling coats, knitwear, jeans, shirt and accessories.

The products shown below are currently on sale (pants: $87.50, cardigan: $205, shirt: $87.50)

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Introducing: Atelier Particulier, French accessories brand

Atelier Particulier

telier Particulier is a French accessories brand founded in 2013. Currently offering four categories of products (ties, scarves, belts and socks) made in Italy and Switzerland, the brand showcases the best of luxury craftsmanship at accessible prices (Loro Piana cashmere and wool ties retail for 45€, wool and leather belts for 50€). 

They manage to achieve this result by getting rid of intermediaries, offering their products only through their e-shop and not spending a dime on advertisement.

See below for an explanation of their business model (similar to Everlane), even for non-French speakers, it's pretty straightforward.

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Introducing: Hardwick Clothes, Tennessee made menswear

Hardwick clothes

Hardwick Clothes (originally known as Cleveland Woolen Mills) was founded in the late 19th century and is still located and operated in the South (Cleveland, Tennessee to be more specific). The company is the oldest maker of tailored clothing in America and its mission is to provide their male customers with high-quality American-made clothing.

Mission accomplished since 1880.

The company was owned by the Harwick family until June of this year, when businessman Allan Jones acquired it, on the verge of bankruptcy. He said about Harwick's, "the company has survived two major fires, two World Wars, the Great Depression, leisure suits, NAFTA and – worst of all – making us watch China manufacture our Olympic team’s blazers.” 

The company employs about 240 employees.

More information about their history here.


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Introducing: Sterlingwear of Boston, American made coats

Sterlingwear of Boston

Sterlingwear of Boston's story starts in 1965 as Viking Clothing, until the acquisition of Sterlingwear, then a rainwear manufacturer with a solid sales team and experience in distribution management. Run by the Fredella family ever since, the company thrived and has been the official purveyor of the US Navy peacoats for over 40 years.

The company is based in East Boston, MA and employs over 250 people in the New England area.

Their commercial line boasts the same attention to details as the coats they manufacture for US servicemen and women: densely woven virgin wool (80% to 100% of the fabric content depending on the model), flannel-lined pockets, heavy weight satin lining, a high stitch count to ensure a tight bond between the coats components (10 to 12 stitches per inch), authentic anchor buttons and all of that, complying with the exact quality control standards issued by the US government.

Ninety percent of the company's revenue come from DOD contracts so it's understandable that they would want to diversify their customer base by opening brick and mortar stores in the Northeast, an eshop, and take on wholesale accounts.

You can watch a video made L.L. Bean (for which they created a couple coats) here.

The Navigator 100% Wool Peacoat is featured below is priced at about $265. Not much higher than poorly-made, imported coats from big brand names.


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Introducing: Todd Shelton, American made menswear

Todd Shelton

Todd Shelton founded his homonymous brand in 2002 and has been steadily growing ever since. While not a household name yet, the brand is one of the few on the market that designs, manufactures and sells directly to consumers through their e-commerce website. American Apparel does the same thing, but they also rely on a high number of brick-and-mortar stores (even my small, southern France hometown has its own AA store). Todd Shelton is based out of East Rutherford, New Jersey which is a short ride from NYC. Factory tours are available and I resent myself for not knowing about this earlier. 

Besides its singular business model, Todd Shelton's particularity is, what I would call, a no BS aesthetics. No frills, no over bleached or torn fabrics, no loud prints and colors. Just classic designs paired with quality materials, a subdued color palette and punctilious stitching. In its own words, Todd Shelton's collections are defined by consistency and purpose, the latter eliminating the superfluous.

The shirt and jeans below are on sale for  $69 (each!) and the Merino wool sweater for $79.

todd shelton



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Introducing: Shuron, South Carolina made eyeglasses


Shuron Ltd is based out of Greenville, South Carolina since 1865 and is one of America's oldest eyeglasses manufacturers (if not the oldest). You probably saw their frames on plenty of Hollywood actors' noses, from Kevin Costner in the 1991 JFK movie to Michael Douglas in Falling Down. Furthermore, their Ronsir Zyl frame accounted for half of all eyeglasses sales in the 50's which gives you an idea of how big and prominent Shuron really is. The funny thing, this model is as elegant and appropriate now as it was half a century ago.

Shuron's factory still employs about 80 employees and produces about 10,000 frames per month. According to Charles Whitehill, Shuron's current owner, their secret to longevity is "if it's not broke, don't fix it", which seems to be a pretty effective business model.

So please ditch your $5 dollars drug store glasses and invest in a real pair made by hand from high-quality materials (and that's also backed by a one-year manufacturing warranty against any defects). 

See below for models available at Morrison, a Belgium-based store (about 200€ for a pair of sunglasses).

And if you're not willing to take advice from me, take them from the ever stylish Malcolm X.

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Introducing: Dehen 1920, Portland-made outerwear

Dehen 1920 Varsity Jackets

Dehen was founded in 1920 by a German immigrant, William Peter Dehen, who moved to the States in 1903. After holding several jobs at knitting factories on the West coast, and smuggling liquor from Canada during the Prohibition (side business for which he did a short stint in jail), Willam Dehen started his own business which boomed until the Depression hit. When the bank foreclosed his factory, he paid a night time visit to the facility and moved all the equipment to his house basement where he kept making his products, selling them door to door, sometimes accepting food as payment. By 1936, his business was back on track, as school sweater and work apparel orders were piling up.

Noteworthy fact: the Dehens hired Otto Rutherford, an African American worker at a time when it was still newsworthy to do so and he ended being a master knitter and played a part in getting a key anti-discrimination bill passed by the Oregon legislature

While the US textile market was starting to get flooded with cheap, disposable, Asian made goods, Dehen survived by focusing on quality and craftsmanship and customers looking for custom manufacturing as well as exceptional service.

Dehen 1920 is the retail line of Dehen Knitting Company and it offers reproductions of original pieces manufactured during the past 94 years, even though the length and patterns have been updated for a more contemporary fit (learn more here).

The varsity jackets below feature Pendleton 24 oz melton wool, American bison leather sleeves and pocket welts, 100% worsted wool trims, a quilted lining and a snap front closure. Prices are high (over $500 for a jacket) but it's definitely on my bucket list of things to get. I've noticed they have no retailers in France so I guess that will be my opportunity to shine if I ever decide to open my own store (my not-so-secret dream).

I'll take these over a Coach bag any time.


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Introducing: Norman Porter Jeans, Philly made denim

norman porter jeans

Norman Porter is a denim and leather goods brand based out of Fishtown, a Northern Philadephia neighborhood and founded by two brothers and one of their friends. Read an interview of one the founders here.

At the turn of the 20th century, Philly was one of the world's textile capitals, fast forward to the 21st and this is a long gone memory (read more here). If you tried to dress yourself exclusively in Philadelphia made clothing and accessories, you would probably go around half naked.

Half, because Norman Porter's got your butt…err, your back.

Featuring North Carolina-made Cone Mills denim and Japanese selvedge denim, a classic, straight cut, no scratches, no bleaching, no weird stitching, their jeans nail the super clean aesthetics. Also, they age beautifully (see an example below).

Their products are currently available in five stores as well as their e-shop.

Would pair well with your Eagles jersey, if only NFL jerseys weren't made in South East Asia.

Norman Porter jeans

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Introducing: Moore Boxer Shorts, Pittsburgh-made underwear

moore boxer shorts

Moore Boxer Shorts is company founded in 2013 by Tim Moore, a then senior year student at the University of Pittsburgh.

Featuring premium, 100% cotton Japanese shirting fabric (pinpoint oxford) as well as American made thread and elastics, the brand's goal is to offer comfortable, well made boxer shorts manufactured in the USA (the production facility is in the Millvale neighborhood of Pittsburgh).

As the founder could not meet the high order minimums US based manufacturers asked for, he began to sew them himself, which involved a lot of trial-and-error, including sticking a needle through his thumb. 

To all the guys out there: if your current array of boxer shorts is baggy, distented, and features characters your little brother is watching, it's time to join the grown ups club, and a pair of Moore's might just be your membership card.

As they have a vertically integrated business model, their products are only available on their website for $25 a pair and are offered in two colors (light blue and light pink). Moreover, if you sign up for their newsletter, you'll get a 20% discount on your first order.

Read more here (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette).

Light Blue.jpg



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Introducing: Delicate Run, made in France luxury sneakers

delicate run

Think about the 80s. Nothing classy, huh?

Well, dear reader, think again.

Delicate Run is a French brand of sneakers founded by sneakerhead Vincent Vetois. The brand currently offers only one model, the Manta, which was launched in partnership with Melbourne-based store Up There. Solely using high quality materials and rare exotic skins such as python, lizard, stingray or even shark (the most prevalent ones being French calf and goat leathers), the entire production takes place in France and the aesthetics of the brand can only be described as "80s running shoes meet contemporary luxury footwear", which is appropriate as the brand's mission is to offer a luxury reinterpretation of the classic running shape.Their goal is not to foray into performance running shoes, but to focus on bringing to the market high-end, long-lasting luxury sneakers with a great shape.

A successful bet that was.

Watch below a pretty interesting video about the manufacturing process of the Delicate Run Manta.

Price vary between 192€ and 420€ and each pair comes with a wooden box.



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Introducing: Chippewa Boots, US made footwear

chippewa boots

Chippewa Boots, originally known as Chippewa Shoe Manufacturing Company was founded in 1901 in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin as a manufacturer of work, snow and rain footwear.

Their boots represent a perfect alternative to Chinese made Timberland boots, which came under fire from Greenpeace activists for potentially supporting slave labor, destroying Amazon rain forest and exacerbating global warming. Yes, apparently all of that simultaneously. (Read the Harvard Business Review article here)

The boots feature a full-grain leather upper, Drill Vamp lining made from a material designed to help, waxed cotton laces and Vibram soles. Some of their models also feature steel toes for those of you who actually perform some physical work.​

Price range: $120 to $350

Pairs well with the American Trench previously presented on Un Beau Travail.

CBC_1901M25_R CBC_1901M52_R

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Introducing: Parapluie Paris, French made umbrellas

If you're anything like me, you probably wasted a pretty hefty amount of money on umbrellas. Fabric tearing, shaft bending, stretchers breaking. I probably threw away a dozen of them and I don't even come from a particularly rainy region. 

After the last one broke, I started thinking there had to be a better alternative. Better made, better looking, sturdier and not made in China.

Enters le Parapluie Paris a young brand of umbrellas. Their products are made in a French factory active since World War II and are of the highest quality. Prices are aslo pretty high, but not higher than the sum of what you probably wasted so far.

Side note: forget about this option if you tend to be absentminded, better lose one crappy Chinese made umbrella than its luxurious French made counterpart.

le-frenchie le-mini-frenchie

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Introducing: Concord Button Downs, American made shirts

concord button downs

Founder Dan Castelline started Concord Button Downs as a tribute to New England, with shirts cut and sewn in a Massachusetts facility and a look that incorporates characteristics found in traditional Ivy Leagues attire. The shirts feature a tailored, traditional fit, a rear box pleat, adjustable round barrel cuffs and are made in the USA of 100% untreated cotton. The shirts go through a 65-step fabrication process that meticulously covers every detail from button holes to barrel cuffs. 

concord button downs concord button downs concord button downs

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Write This Down: Notebook Selection


Topographical Decomposition book by Michael Roger, $8, Made in USA

Silver and Navy pocketbook by Tom Pigeon, £5, Made in the UK

Pixel notebook by Papier Tigre, €14, Made in France

Small Blue Hardcover notebook by Ogami Stone, $13, Made in Italy

Medium Potato notebook by Compagnie du Kraft, €25, Made in France

Granito notebook by Oelwein, €12.6, Made in France

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Introducing: Passavant and Lee, American made luxury briefcases

Passavant and Lee

I think I should create a new category for my blog: "Over the top".

Because this company's brief cases are over the top in every possible way: from the craftsmanship to the price and the materials used.

Every possible way except one: their timeless, understated elegance.

Passavant and Lee is a men's accessories brand developed by Jon Passavant and Benj Lee who launched -—after three years of development—a briefcase made out of the finest materials: aircraft grade aluminum, full grain Horween leather and entirely handmade by British and American craftsmen. The interior is made of fine suede and silk with leather trims, and can welcome a 15-inch laptop. The only way to make it more luxurious would be to have a Champagne dispenser.

Cost: $2,850

Passavant and Lee

Passavant and LeePassavant and Lee Passavant and LeePassavant and Lee

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Introducing: the New Amity Workshop, US made swings

the new amity workshop hex tree swing

The New Amity Workshop manufactures only one product (for now), but it's a very cool-looking one.

The hexagonally shaped swing is made out of sustainably sourced Black Locust wood, one of the most durable hardwoods in the United States. Thanks to its rot-resistant properties and natural strength, Black Locust wood does not require treatment, which makes it the perfect outdoor accessory. It was even used to build ship masts. The rope is made out of manila hemp (which is not really hemp but whatever) and has a lightness, strength and durability that is hardly matched by any other natural fiber. These ropes were popular with sailors because they are flexible and not easily disintegrable by seawater.

Think of this article as a super early idea for next summer. There's no such thing as over planning, right?



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Introducing: Orée, French made technology products

oree design

Starting point: tech products tend to look very much alike, are made from cheap eco-unfriendly materials and are designed to end up in the garbage can quickly. Even though products like keyboards or USB keys are essential in how interact with technology, they are often overlooked.

That's where Orée comes into play. 

Founded by creative technology entrepreneur Julien Salanave and award-winning product designer Frank Fontana, Orée is a French brand born out of the desire to provide elegant, durable high performance technology products mainly crafted from natural materials, combining timeless craftsmanship techniques and cutting-edge technologies.

All their products are designed and crafted to order in Castelnaudary, southern France.

Side note: Orée stands for Original, Rational, Elegant, Engaged.

oree SONY DSC oree3

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Introducing: Industry Standard NY, US made jeans

industry standard

Industry Standard NY is a new denim brand founded by Nicole Najafi. A bridge between the east and the west coasts, based in NYC and made in LA, the brand's vision is to offer the perfect pair of jeans without breaking the bank. How do they achieve that? Thanks to their direct to customer model, which allows them to cut down the final price of their products. 

I have to say, I'm a denim snob. Thrift shopping is one of my favorite pastimes and I have several brand new looking, US made J Brand jeans that I paid a maximum of $15. So when a new denim brand comes around, I'm always eager to learn more about it.

Industry Standard NY jeans come in three different models (Margot, Odette and Simone, how very retro) and the price point is accessible at about $100 (after all, some Gap jeans can cost as much as $80, for a much lower quality).

Bonus point: made alongside the greatest LA made denim brands, Industry Stantard uses fabrics from the Cone Denim Mill, which is the oldest, still-running denim mill in the USA, located in Greensboro, NC.

industry standard industry standard industry standard


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Introducing: Kaehler1920, American made leather goods


It's always interesting to discover a century old brand and realize nobody really knows about it. Google Kaehler1920 and you won't find much. The Chicago-based fine leather goods brand was founded in 1920 by locksmith Walter Gustav Kaehler. After witnessing an increase in trunks lock repairs, Walter Kaehler set up shop and decided to create better travel goods to provide its customers with.

Bonus point: Kaehler1920 products are still made in Chicago using leather from the world renowned Chicago-based Horween Leather tannery.

Also, the company operates 6 stores in Chicagoland focused on providing the best travel goods brand such as German-made Rimowa or US made Ghurka.

kaehler1920 kaehler1920-2

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Introducing: Väska, Spanish made minimalistic leather goods

vaska Spanish made leather goods

Väska, name after the Swedish word for bag, is a Barcelona based leather goods brand founded in 2012 by Ann-Sofi Storbacka. The brand solely uses vegetable tanned cow leather (no heavy metals)  from cattle raised in Catalonia. The products are 100% handmade and take their sleek and timeless look from the Nordic heritage of the designer, but also from the Iberian craftsmanship that made this line a reality. The particularity of these bags is the fact that they use no stitching, but are built like leather origamis. The line features natural, muted colors, except for a wonderful Royal Blue (something close to the International Klein Blue).

vaska Spanish made leather goods vaska Spanish made leather goods vaska Spanish made leather goods

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Winter gear: the best finds

gearing up for winter

gearing up for winterJackie gloves by Causse 169€ – Made in France

Harvest Navy 100% wool hat by Yellow108 $90 – Made in the USA

Voilure II 100 % wool Refer jacket by Saint James 257.50€ – Made in France

Graphic Silk Diamond Print Scarf by Mury £140 – Made in Italy

La Muse Cognac boots by Bobbies 170€ – Made in Portugal

The Rose in Resin jeans by Baldwin Denim $187 – Made in the  USA

Jaden Mohair sweater by Masscob 238€


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Luxury gift ideas for the modern gentleman

men gift guide

men gift guide

1- M12 Swiss-made stainless steel and leather watch by Miansai $495

2- Rosewood and steel single blade lock-back knife by Scout Seattle $112 – Made in the USA

3- V3 Navy card holder by Vianel $220 – Made in the USA

4- Blue selvedge chambray shirt by Ratio Clothing $149 – Made in the USA

5- VK-1 Classic Edition headphones by Aëdle $499 – Made in France


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Introducing: Chief Trunk, American made luxury travel goods

chief trunk

Chief Trunk is a NYC based luxury luggage company. What makes it special, beside its well proportioned design, Brooklyn based manufacturing and high quality materials, is its history.

Indeed, Chief Trunk is the revival of a much older manufacturer, the Oshkosh Trunk Company, launched in 1898. It quickly grew into a world renowned travel goods manufacturer, found at retailers like Neiman Marcus and with a flagship store in Paris. But as travelling habits changed, Oshkosh failed to adapt and had to close shop in the early 60's.

Another distinctive feature is its crimson and gold stripes which could be spotted all over the globe, from ocean-crossing steamers to the lobbies of the world's finest hotels. Those stripes echoes the Spanish flag for a reason,  they used to be on the diplomatic pouches in the use during the 19th century by Spanish embassies in the Americas. After Spain lost its remaining territories in the US, the canvas producing mill got stuck with excess stock of red and yellow striped canvas. Oshkosh bought the canvas and used it as a base to be painted, until a buyer spotted a few unpainted ones. This is how the Oshkosh Trunk Company, and later Chief Trunk gained their unmistakable look.

chief trunk chief trunk chief trunk chief trunk

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Introducing: California Tailor, American made shirts

California Tailor

Launched at the beginning of this year, California Tailor was born from “the desire to create the perfect, American made, button down woven shirt” and it seems that London raised designer Gill Mclean succeeded. The shirts are a perfect mix of British refinement and Californian laidbackness, they manage to be feminine but not girly, as if you borrowed your boyfriend's shirt. Boyishly feminine would be a good description if not an oxymoron. As of today, they only offer one shirt (the appropriately named shirt No.1), in ten declinations.

california tailor california tailor california tailor




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Introducing: Maurice Manufacture, French made shoes

Maurice Manufacture

Maurice Manufacture is a 65 year old shoe manufacturer based in Cholet, France. The factory manager describes their products as traditional, but with a "newstalgic" singularity. I love this word. Let's make it a goal to get it into the dictionary.

Now back to the shoes. Made from the finest materials by skilled craftsmen, you're getting a luxury product, at a fraction of the cost. Maurice also makes shoes for high end companies but also… for the police!

Prices range from about 130€ for sandals to 250€ for boots, which is not cheap, but similar to a lot of Far East made options.

Below, the tamest color combinations, but if you're feeling bold, they have dozens of different options. The shoes are made to order which is why there's a 8 to 10 days delivery time. But hey, you're not ordering Wendy's here.

maurice manufacture maurice manufacture maurice manufacture maurice manufacture

A little extra here, a pair inspired by the Pink Panther (yes, from the cartoon).

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Introducing: American Trench, the American made trench

American Trench

The name of this brand couldn't be more straightforward. American Trench is a company founded by two friends, Jacob Hurwitz and David Neil, who were looking for a US made trench and couldn't find one. One of the most practical, stylish and timeless pieces one can own, America didn't make. Made out of Italian and British made 100% Egyptian cotton with a durable water repellent coating which does not inhibit breathability as well as 100% cotton interior plaid lining woven in North Carolina, this trench represents a great alternative to pricier brands such as Burberry or Aquascutum. And if the next 4th of July happens to be rainy, you'll be able to stay dapper, patriotic… and dry.


They also offre accessories such as socks, beanies and scarves, also made in the US.

americantrench2 americantrench3


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Introducing: Artaban, Italian made knitwear

Artaban Paris

Cashmere is a rare and coveted fabric, and what's rare and coveted is also expensive. What we tend to forget is that a non-negligible share of cashmere product prices stems from non essential factors (at least, for the end consumer) such as marketing or middlemen's markups.

Therefore, the founders of Artaban decided to exclusively sell their brand on the internet to get rid of the costs associated with a distribution network, and pass on the savings to their customers. In order to ensure transparency, they explain each step of the manufacturing process of their range which includes for now sweaters, scarves and socks, for men and wowen. Made in Italy from Mongolian and Egyptian fibers, Artaban products almost make us wish winter would come sooner. Almost.

artaban artaban2 artaban3





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Introducing: Rose et Marius, French made luxury candles and soaps

Rose et Marius

Born in Carry-le-rouet, on the shores of the Mediterranean sea, Rose et Marius is a luxury candle and soap brand. Founded by Magali Fleurquin Bonnard, a former jewelry industry executive, it's a tribute to her (my!) exceptional region. Though the candle cups are made in Limoges, the French capital of porcelain, the candles are made of bee wax in Grasse by master perfumers. As the protection of the environment is core to the brand's DNA, there's no GMO or paraben used, wicks are made of cotton, and packaging has been reduced when possible.

Think about picking up one of these scented gems on your next trip to Provence.

TIMBALE PRÉCIEUSE – Mini Tometo Bleu Rose Et Marius

Savon à L'eau de Mademoiselle Rose Fruitée Rose Et Marius

L'eau de Mademoiselle Rose Végétale - Eau de toilette Spray Rose Et Marius

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Introducing: November Adelaide, French made bowties

November Adelaide

November Adelaide is a Paris-based brand founded by Julien Comte-Gaz and Adrien Poznanski. They focus on bowties, made out of couture houses left overs which is why each model is produced in limited quantities. Why bowties? They say it's the symbol of elegance, and we very much agree with them. Elegance with a twist though, as they use high quality material such as wool or silk, and incorporate unusual ones such as neoprene.

november-adelaide1 november-adelaide2 november-adelaide3


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Introducing: Les Partisanes watches

Les Partisanes

Les Partisanes is the project of two childhood friends, Elise Mennesson and Jessica Quintal. They offer stylish, made in France watches, exclusively for women, which brings femininity to a traditionally male oriented industry. The most expensive watch costs 160€ which makes it an affordable yet unique gift, soon to be found on all stylish ladies' wrists.

I think it's time for shopping!


les-partisanes1 les-partisanes3les-partisanes2

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Introducing: S. W. Basics, Brooklyn made organic skincare

S W Basics

S. W. Basics is a Brooklyn based skincare brand that makes its products using solely natural and organic ingredients. In order to deliver the most potent skincare, they use only a maximum of 5 ingredients per products. No, there's no typo. Let's ditch the digits: five ingredients! They also support sustainable agriculture by buying their raw materials only from organic, fair trade, or small-farm sources.

swbasics1 swbasics2 swbasics3


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