Roundup: natural skincare brands

Natural skincare

Natural skincare

Maryse: MARYSE is a collection of nutritive skincare preparations formulated by natural beauty specialist, Maryse O’Donnell. Plant-based and naturally potent, the MARYSE range has been curated according to O’Donnell’s refined expertise and pared-back approach to beauty.

Volume France: Handmade soaps made with quality raw materials such as fresh donkey milk and local know how.

Laboté: Custom made beauty products made with safe, high quality and fresh raw materials by pharmacists.

Apoldine: Handcrafted skincare made with botanical natural ingredients and not tested  on animals

Haeckels: Formulated in a clifftop Lab in Margate on the English coastline where locally growing botanicals with the very best anti-oxidant properties are used and distilled. Not tested on animals.

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Empty walls no more: 6 creative ways to dress them up

creative posters empty walls

Because you don't want your walls to look like your neighbour / friend / frenemy's walls, right? Or maybe you're tired of your empty walls and feel like it's time for an upgrade?

Either way, I got you covered.

Below are 6 ways to dress up your walls now that you're a grownup (which means that you need to get rid of your Nickelback posters as well as those cookie-cutter IKEA prints. Thank you).

From left to right, top to bottom:

One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six

creative posters


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Introducing: Grado, Brooklyn made headphones and phonograph cartridges

We've evolved from the victrola to the record, the walkman to the Discman, the iPod to the iPhone, and now the record player is making a comeback, and for good reason.  Nothing quite has that vintage sound like the crisp static from a vinyl record. Nothing quite adds nuances of life and movement to a room like a turning record.  And it is with this that I introduce Brooklyn-based Grado, a family owned manufacturer of record player cartridges (the important part with the needle) using a unique design to ensure high-quality sound with minimal wear and tear to your vinyl records. 


Grado Labs headphones

Founder Joseph Grado began as a watchmaker at Tiffany & Company in the early 1950s.  He was gifted with excellent hearing which borne him interest in the manufacturing of record cartridges, speakers, and turntables.  He began manufacturing in his kitchen, and later he moved into the storefront of his parent's grocery store in Brooklyn. Grado narrowed his focus to cartridges, and for several decades he researched and improved the product resulting in many patents.  The business grew and was passed on to subsequent generations.

In the 1990s, still family owned, John Grado, Joseph's nephew expanded to include handmade headphones, their primary product today.  Everything about their process has quality in mind. Grado prefers treated mahogany as a building material for its natural tonal properties.  Their headphones offer a very broad frequency range to perfectly recreate those low bass and high treble acoustics.  The connectors incorporate expensive rhodium to prevent corrosion.  Critics have repeatedly lauded Grado products for their outstanding tonal quality. 



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Introducing: Jieldé, French lamp manufacturer

Some people call that industrial chic, I call that well-made products with a purpose and a clean design. Jieldé's story (from J.L.D., the initials of founder Jean-Louis Domecq) starts in the 1940s when Domecq realized he couldn't find lighting adapted to its mechanical workshop so he decided to build something himself. After a lengthy trial and error process, he launched his first model in the fifties called the "Standard" which was renamed "Loft" in 1987. The most important innovation was that the lamp could bend and turn without affecting the wiring because there are no wires going through the joints. Electrical continuity is ensured thanks to copper connectors in each one of the joints: simplicity and robustness at their finest. Today, the company offers several dozens products in different lengths and colors as Jieldé's lamps went from having a solely utilitarian purpose to becoming staples of high-end home decor magazines.Each lamp has a unique serial number and is still handmade in Lyon..

Jieldé lamps are available at retailers around the globes (full list here), the products below are available on Horne.


Loft jieldé asteri

Loft Table/Wall Light - D4401R Jieldé

Loft Zig-Zag Floor Lamp - 4-ARM D9404 Jieldé


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Introducing: Oxford Pennant, US made pennants

Oxford Pennant was founded in 2013 by Brett Mikoll and Dave Horesh as a way to celebrate old school American sports traditions. Their pennants are made in the USA (Buffalo, NY to be more specific) and the company only uses natural materials such as wool or cotton.

Let me dispel any misunderstanding. I don't care about American football, hockey, baseball and, well, sports, in general, but I do appreciate a bit of classic, old school, sports-related Americana in my life. Now I present you with a cheap, effective and US-made way to primp your man (or woman) cave with a bit of hometown pride. 

Most of Oxford Pennant's designs refer to sport proud cities such as Pittsburgh or Buffalo, but some sport more tongue-in-cheek designs (such as the Kanye one).

Examples of available designs below.

Boston Pennant - Crimson and White

Chicago City Flag Pennant - White and Blue/Red

Classic Pittsburgh Pennant - Black and Yellow

Liberty or Death Pennant


And last but not least.

Kanye Pennant

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Write This Down: Notebook Selection


Topographical Decomposition book by Michael Roger, $8, Made in USA

Silver and Navy pocketbook by Tom Pigeon, £5, Made in the UK

Pixel notebook by Papier Tigre, €14, Made in France

Small Blue Hardcover notebook by Ogami Stone, $13, Made in Italy

Medium Potato notebook by Compagnie du Kraft, €25, Made in France

Granito notebook by Oelwein, €12.6, Made in France

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Introducing: the New Amity Workshop, US made swings

the new amity workshop hex tree swing

The New Amity Workshop manufactures only one product (for now), but it's a very cool-looking one.

The hexagonally shaped swing is made out of sustainably sourced Black Locust wood, one of the most durable hardwoods in the United States. Thanks to its rot-resistant properties and natural strength, Black Locust wood does not require treatment, which makes it the perfect outdoor accessory. It was even used to build ship masts. The rope is made out of manila hemp (which is not really hemp but whatever) and has a lightness, strength and durability that is hardly matched by any other natural fiber. These ropes were popular with sailors because they are flexible and not easily disintegrable by seawater.

Think of this article as a super early idea for next summer. There's no such thing as over planning, right?



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Introducing: Orée, French made technology products

oree design

Starting point: tech products tend to look very much alike, are made from cheap eco-unfriendly materials and are designed to end up in the garbage can quickly. Even though products like keyboards or USB keys are essential in how interact with technology, they are often overlooked.

That's where Orée comes into play. 

Founded by creative technology entrepreneur Julien Salanave and award-winning product designer Frank Fontana, Orée is a French brand born out of the desire to provide elegant, durable high performance technology products mainly crafted from natural materials, combining timeless craftsmanship techniques and cutting-edge technologies.

All their products are designed and crafted to order in Castelnaudary, southern France.

Side note: Orée stands for Original, Rational, Elegant, Engaged.

oree SONY DSC oree3

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Winter gear: the best finds

gearing up for winter

gearing up for winterJackie gloves by Causse 169€ – Made in France

Harvest Navy 100% wool hat by Yellow108 $90 – Made in the USA

Voilure II 100 % wool Refer jacket by Saint James 257.50€ – Made in France

Graphic Silk Diamond Print Scarf by Mury £140 – Made in Italy

La Muse Cognac boots by Bobbies 170€ – Made in Portugal

The Rose in Resin jeans by Baldwin Denim $187 – Made in the  USA

Jaden Mohair sweater by Masscob 238€


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Luxury gift ideas for the modern gentleman

men gift guide

men gift guide

1- M12 Swiss-made stainless steel and leather watch by Miansai $495

2- Rosewood and steel single blade lock-back knife by Scout Seattle $112 – Made in the USA

3- V3 Navy card holder by Vianel $220 – Made in the USA

4- Blue selvedge chambray shirt by Ratio Clothing $149 – Made in the USA

5- VK-1 Classic Edition headphones by Aëdle $499 – Made in France


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Introducing: Rose et Marius, French made luxury candles and soaps

Rose et Marius

Born in Carry-le-rouet, on the shores of the Mediterranean sea, Rose et Marius is a luxury candle and soap brand. Founded by Magali Fleurquin Bonnard, a former jewelry industry executive, it's a tribute to her (my!) exceptional region. Though the candle cups are made in Limoges, the French capital of porcelain, the candles are made of bee wax in Grasse by master perfumers. As the protection of the environment is core to the brand's DNA, there's no GMO or paraben used, wicks are made of cotton, and packaging has been reduced when possible.

Think about picking up one of these scented gems on your next trip to Provence.

TIMBALE PRÉCIEUSE – Mini Tometo Bleu Rose Et Marius

Savon à L'eau de Mademoiselle Rose Fruitée Rose Et Marius

L'eau de Mademoiselle Rose Végétale - Eau de toilette Spray Rose Et Marius

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Introducing: S. W. Basics, Brooklyn made organic skincare

S W Basics

S. W. Basics is a Brooklyn based skincare brand that makes its products using solely natural and organic ingredients. In order to deliver the most potent skincare, they use only a maximum of 5 ingredients per products. No, there's no typo. Let's ditch the digits: five ingredients! They also support sustainable agriculture by buying their raw materials only from organic, fair trade, or small-farm sources.

swbasics1 swbasics2 swbasics3


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