About me

Hey y'all,
my name is Sara, I'm 23, Paris-based, and I write this blog, which is a catch-all tray for all the things that inspire me.
You can usually find me on my laptop or out with my Canon around my neck, like every wannabe photographer out there (unwritten rule of the universe, if you don't have your camera, you WILL miss fantastic photo opportunities). 
I happen to be an introvert who very much likes to argue.
I procrastinate a lot. I don't have a driver's licence or a middle name.
I've lived in 7 different cities in 3 different countries.
I was born in Africa.
Un Beau Travail means "a job well done" in French.

It's not the first time I write a blog, you can look at my two failed attempts here and here (don't feel like you have to though…).

Third time's the charm, hopefully.

I like:

-Collecting stamps in my passport

-Taking pictures of the places I go to thanks to the aforementioned passport

-Taking long walks (like, seriously long ones)

-Tacos, raspberry pies, couscous, Calissons and gratin Dauphinois (French specialties)

-Thrift stores


This blog will be about:

-Things well made and jobs well done

-Emerging designers

-Made in USA, France, Italy etc. products

Cottage industries

-Art (photography, typography, graphic design, architecture and interior design)

-City guides of the places I've been to or want to go to


This blog won't be about:

-Fitness/Excercise/Workout routines (I never ever exercise)




-Mom and kids stuff




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